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Small Penis Syndrome

What is “average”? How do I compare? Does size really matter?

According to a systematic review of 20 published scientific studies that included up to 15,521 men from Nigeria, Turkey, Jordan, France, Korea, Tanzania, Egypt, Scotland, the UK, Ian, Italy, India, the US, Germany, Canada, Greece, and Bulgaria, the averages are1:

Penile Length




9.16 +/- 1.57 cm

3.61 +/- 0.62 in


13.24 +/- 1.89 cm

5.21 +/- 0.74 in


13.12 +/- 1.66 cm

5.17 +/- 0.65 in

Penile Circumference




9.31 +/- 0.90 cm

3.67 +/- 0.35 in


11.66 +/- 1.10 cm

4.59 +/- 0.43 in

Obviously, “average” varies so it is possible that men can compare themselves to other men and notice differences.  The data on erect penile length above shows the longest “average” erect penis is more than 1.25” longer than the shortest “average” erect penis. This is a significant difference that could easily be recognized by a sexual partner so size may matter.  

What can a man to do if he is concerned about the size of his penis? For some, the reassurance that they are normal is all that is needed. However, for men who are below average, or for those who have suffered the humiliation of being mocked, the simple reassurance that one is “average” may not be enough to help.

If a man feels as though his self-confidence or self-esteem have suffered due to concerns about penis size or he would simply like a larger penis, he should know that FDA cleared implants are now available. These penile implants have been used in thousands of men for over 15 years and, much like breast implants for women, penile implants can increase the apparent size of the penis. Penile implants cause the flaccid penis to appear larger and also dramatically increase the actual girth of  the penis so that the man’s genitals appear larger. Click here for more information. 

  1. Veale D, Miles S, Bramley S, et al. Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15,521 men. BJU Int 2015; 115: 978-986

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