Penuma® Penile Enhancement

Penuma® is the first FDA-cleared implant for the cosmetic enhancement of the penis. The implant is made of solid silicone and is placed under the skin of a man’s penis in a procedure that is similar to placing breast implants for women.

Penis Size?

Many men see the size and appearance of their penis as a representation of their masculinity. Given that, it should come as no surprise that some men develop concerns about the size or appearance of their penis. Most of these concerns are unfounded. After all, the vast majority of men have, by definition, a penis of average size. That is how averages work.  Much like breast size and breast implants though, averages do not help alleviate the discomfort, or lack of confidence that can occur to individuals who fall at the low end or are below average. Of equal importance is the fact that most people want to look and feel their best. Breast implants are an option many women choose and now men too have an option to enhance their appearance. Finally!

When you come to one of our world-class offices, you can expect a personal, highly-trained staff that is discreet and understanding. You can also expect service and care from your physician who will answer all of your questions in advance of any procedure with the revolutionary Penuma implant.

Please note that individual results may vary. Possible risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no treatment, will be discussed in advance so that you can make an informed decision.

Penuma® Penile Enlargement

Men can expect an immediate change in the apparent size of their flaccid (non-erect) penis and they can also expect an immediate and permanent increase in the girth of their penis. In a 5-year retrospective analysis published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who had a Penuma penile implant reported high levels of satisfaction with the implant over the short and long-term and significant improvements in self-confidence. Adverse events were found to be low and on par with other procedures using silicone implants in other parts of the body.

Implant Features

  • Significant, permanent cosmetic enhancements to the penis
  • Natural Looking
  • Reversible
  • No interference with penile function
  • No blockage of, or interference with, the urethra (e.g., for future cystoscopy)
  • Implant is contoured by the surgeon to your individual size
  • Manufactured in the US by an ISO-certified, FDA-registered facility

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Why Choose the PENUMA®

Over the past 15 years, thousands of men have chosen the Penuma® Implant for their penile enhancement. It can increase the appearance of flaccid penile length. Patients report high rates of satisfaction following their procedure. Of course, the implant is intended to be permanent but, as with breast implants, the Penuma® implant can be removed should circumstances change for the patient or his partner.

The Penuma® implant is available in three different sized (L, XL, and XXL) but the size of the implant that is used can only be chosen by the surgeon during the operation. The main consideration in the surgeon’s selection of implant size is patient safety; in other words, which size implant can safely be placed in the patient? The surgeon makes that determination during the surgery. The surgeon will also ensure that the size is aesthetically correct. Overall, the goal of the surgery is to provide the maximum increase in penis size while also preserving the correct appearance of the penis with proper differentiation between the penile shaft and the head of the penis.

Penuma® Penile Enhancement

What Patients Say

Since the Penuma® implant became the gold standard of penile enhancement, many patients over the last decade have reported immensely positive experiences. Patients report greater confidence, heightened self-esteem, and greater sexual satisfaction for them and their partner. Patients report a natural feel and appearance with the implant. Possible risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will be discussed with you in advance of the procedure. Individual results may vary.

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Penuma® Consultation

The Penuma® implant is a medical grade silicone implant that can provide changes in both the girth and the appearance in length of the penile shaft.