NuGyn Eros Therapy System Kit



Eros is a small, battery powered, hand held clitoral vacuum device that is fitted with a removable, replaceable small plastic CAREss cup. The Eros is essentially a more delicate version of the male Vacuum Therapy System. The CAREss cup is placed over the clitoris and the gentle vacuum is actuated causing blood to be drawn into the clitoris which, in turn, causes the clitoris to be more engorged for sexual activity.

Two decades of patient experience has proven that Eros works well. There are no reported side effects when the Eros device is used as directed. However, it is important to read the instruction manual that comes with the device and to use the Eros only as described.

Note: because of the personal nature of this product, it cannot be returned for a refund.

It is important to note the following precautions:

  • Injury may occur if the cup is placed over a wound.
  • There is potential for risk of bruising, hematoma, pain or permanent injury when using the device, however, in clinical studies, these events did not occur.
  • A rash, rub mark or skin irritation may occur from overuse or misplacement of the CAREss cup.
  • Misuse of Eros may aggravate some already existing medical conditions, result in the swelling of the clitoris and/or result in serious permanent clitoral injury.
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs while using the Eros device.
  • Do not fall asleep with the device activated against her body.
  • The Eros device is not a contraceptive/birth control.
  • The device should not be used with oil-based lubricants or used in or near water.

Use the lowest setting necessary to achieve engorgement and should stop using the device if continued pain occurs.

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