RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System

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The RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System is an ambulatory data logging unit that measures and records penile rigidity and tumescence. It is linked by cable to an IBM-compatible computer, which downloads and processes the data, stores it for review, and prints it on command. The ambulatory monitor uses tip and base penile loops that adjust by tightening slightly at discrete time intervals to measure and record penile rigidity and tumescence. Each loop gently tightens and then immediately releases every 15 seconds in order to monitor penile tumescence. As each tumescence measurement is taken, it is compared to the previous samples. When a 6 mm increase in tumescence is detected, representing possible erectile activity, the RigiScan® Plus Monitor takes a second measurement every 30 seconds. After tumescence is measured, the loops tighten a second time around the circumference of the penis with a linear force of 10 ounces. The RigiScan® Plus Monitor takes a measurement when this force is applied to record a cross sectional response to radial compression. This is how rigidity is measured.




The RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System can be used in either nocturnal testing mode or provocative testing mode.

Nocturnal Testing Mode:

Nocturnal Testing mode is used to monitor nocturnal erections over a period of several hours or even a few days. This test method can be used while the patient is at home or in a sleep laboratory setting, and also can be used under Ambulatory or Real-time settings. The Nocturnal Mode is used when there are multiple erectile events and there is a periodic return to the flaccid state. This is a very common test method to differentiate between organic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Nocturnal testing is also an excellent way to determine the patient’s current level of erectile capacity which can help health care professionals make determinations about the most appropriate course of therapy.

Provocative Testing:

Provocative Testing is performed when the clinician wants to use an intervention to produce a one-time erectile response. This method of testing is performed over a shorter period of time, usually in an office setting. Intervention might include the injection of a pharmacological agent or visual sexual stimuli. This test method can also be used under either Ambulatory or Realtime settings. In the Provocative Mode, the RigiScan® Plus System records a baseline penile tumescence during the first fifteen minutes of testing and stores it for later reference.

The RigiScan® Plus instrument is now in its fourth generation! New instruments are sold as a complete kit that includes a new Gen 4 RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System monitor, new RigiScan® software for use on a Windows® 7-10 computer (including the new Microsoft Surface), one Base Tension Guide, one Tip Tension Guide, one box of Disposable Loop Covers (12 pr.), one box of Disposable Leg Straps (12 ea.), a box of 12 Duracell 9V batteries, a USB cable for connection to a computer with a Windows® 7-10 operating system, a comprehensive User Guide, and a sturdy case to protect the RigiScan® Plus system during transportation.

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