Snap*Gauge™ Bands


Sexual medicine experts and urologists generally agree that nocturnal erectile activity is an important early indicator of a man’s overall health. Although not intended to diagnose or treat any specific condition, you can order the Snap*Gauge to see if you are still having erections at night. For the most thorough evaluation, choose a three pack for testing over three different nights.


professional and it can be complicated and expensive Snap*Gauge is a new concept in the measurement of penile rigidity. Snap*Gauge is a non-prescription device used by the patient during sleep to determine if a patient breaks pre-set snap-gauges with different release-force constants. The number of brands broken will indicate the intensity of the patient’s nighttime erections. Breaking more brands is better. Breaking no bands or only one band could indicate the presence of underlying health problems that are affecting the man’s penis. This may suggest a visit to the patient’s health care professional is in order.

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